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变化太快, 跟不上了

Posted on: September 28, 2008


Work has been really crazy these days. To the degree that I don’t have any time during either day or night on week days. And this makes me only want to relax and do nothing over weekends. So this past Monday morning, I made myself promise I gotta go to take medical exams so that I can start preparation for the coming submission of I485.
What a joke it turned out to be. I was commenting to Ann and her hubby last Saturday, right before we hit the mall, that we were a lucky group that obviously have more than enough RP. I had the feeling I need to knock on wood at the time but I did not do it. Now I am so regretting. Just not yet two days later, it turned out that we were the group that has not enough RP, to be toyed around by IRS or whatever.
Talk about changes. Barely two weeks have gone by and now my life plan has to change again. I spent sometime convicing myself that I would be going in direction A. Now i have to sit down and talk with myself to see if that is the right direction. I feel old that I cant catch up with all these changes, especially 180 degree changes.
Anyway, it turns out there are never surplus quota for the year and all pd dates become current will most likely be a day dream. So green card is still a problem but I don’t really care. I am going to do things my way and that feels rather satisfying. In fact, I kind of feel relieved by the news. There is no pie dropping from the sky, in the end. As always, I have to earn everything and I am perfectly fine with it.


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