Dependent Origination

Match Point

Posted on: September 26, 2008


“I don’t care if he is great. I just hope he is lucky.”

这是至理名言啊. isn’t it ironic when all four of them were all sitting in a restaurant chatting, chloe would say hard work is most important. while the other two who tried rising from bottom all agreed luck would be the single most thing, since hard work is mandatory, is default.

Life is about temptation and resisting it. Who said this? I cant remember. But it shows in the movie effortlessly. Why is it when we are talking or preaching we can speak like a saint, but in fact almost everyone still got drawn into situations they don’t want to be in? So many people can talk eloquently about the right thing to do, the one to five principles to live a life. Meanwhile, they cant even maintain their own converstations using the same principles! There is this tiny difference in talking and executing, which makes a hero or an old man talking in a winter afternoon.

Speaking of winter afternoon, I am so impressed by the scene in which they massage erotically in the tiny charming flat Nola has. The little candles, and the (fake) snow outside on the balcony. It is so memorable. I cant believe the relationship between them is characterized as lust in the end. I thought they were in love!

By the way, all the introduction says johasson’s character is a femme fatale type. I think she is too young, too direct to be a femme fatale. It is a great misnomer. johasson is still a next-door girl. maybe ten years later, she can really be one. but for now, she does not hold up to the expectation.


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