Dependent Origination

The Rule of Four

Posted on: September 25, 2008


好看. 星期一开始看的. 昨天就已经看完了. 其中还包括星期四夜里看到三点, 昨天晚上应该加班儿的, 也用来看它了. 这样的小说已经很久没有遇到过了

总的来讲, plot有点单薄, murder/killing的motivation不太让人信服. 毕竟在academic setting里面的疯子变态之类的太少了. They are way too meed to be as as agressive as a psycho. They analyze pros and cons so much that going extreme is too hard for them.

本书的作者是幼年好友. 后来大学上了不同的Ivy League. 大学期间为了保持自己的友谊, 他们想出了一个主意: 两个人通过通信一起work on a novel. They are trying to maintain their precious friendship again time and space go between them. 后来毕业了, one of them got a job, the other just stayed in the garage of his parents’ house. Both of them kept working on the novel. In the end, the timing was perfect. The Da Vinci Code was very popular back to 2001 and 2002. Theirs is so similar to Da Vinci Code. Both thriller. Both on Renaissance secrets. So their book went on to NYT best sellers too. How exciting for two new college graduates!

I wanted to read it since it came out. But have to say am so happy that I read the book at this time, when i left school but still have perfect and vivid capture of the campus. Every detail they described in the book brought back endless memory back. In the first time of my life, i realize it is such a difference when you know the locale of the novel. Can picture all the details the author paid attention to. The green metal door of C-level library carrel. The single moment when standing in the courtyard of East Pyne and realize you are the only one there. The shuffling crowd at Wawa during midnight. The buzzing Nassau Street with its used book store and splendid jewelry display. Love it. Wish I could be back.


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