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Save the Last Dance

Posted on: September 25, 2008


One pretty good movie! Reminded me of an old break dance movie we used to have back to the days my family first owned a vcr player. There were three or four video tapes at home. And we used that to trade with other friends and coworkers. The tapes were all copied several times. Back then video tapes were expensive like 100rmb a cassette. Nobody owned a lot of them. When there were no new tapes to trade with, I would stay home and watch my own. You can imagine how many times i have watched this teenage break dance movie. But i loved it. I enjoyed the dance scenes greatly.

So did this one. Especially the last part when Sara auditioned for Julliard. It showed an attitude and who she was. Julia Stiles has amazing talent! She is definitly a serious actress!

Anectode time. We went to a friend’s wedding the day before I took off to california for my internship. We skipped the most fun part of the wedding so that i could go home and continue packing. But on our way home, we decided to watch the tomb raider movie since bf is so fond of Angelina Jolie (or her boobs ;-). We went to a different theatre so that we could watch it that time that day. In the theatre lobby, i stared at this dance poster for a long time while he was buying the tickets. Now five years later tomb raider is just a by-gone movie but in my heart Save the Last Dance will always have a place because of the night. Moral of the story: those we cannot get are always the best.


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