Dependent Origination


Posted on: September 25, 2008


I decide to read everything again. I mean, I have read the chinese version of Dr Zhivago as an early teen. I read the English version in early twenties. To hell I never realized the reason they (Yuri and Lara) went to live in Varykino. Until this viewing.

What is wrong with reading in more junior years? Does it mean twenty years later I would wake up thinking I did not fully understand what i am reading now? How scary that would be. I mean, it is alright to realize there are some deeper meanings to something you read and did not get it the first time around. For example, when I read Guilliver’s travels at 7 or 8, i viewed it as a great entertainment for the huge or tiny creatures on those islands.

But it is totally another story to realize that some important part of the story go missing. What was I doing then? Leafing through pages just to finish? What made me to turn the page? Why I did not stop? Why wasn’t I asking any questions for the reasons they left Yuriatin? Now that this leads to serious questioning of my reading ability for the early English-reading years.

The movie is still super, though. David Lean got great ideas across: despair and desire. Though I am kind of confused that even though Yuri called lara his love of life, he still called for tonya when he wandered through siberian wilderness to go home.


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