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Posted on: September 23, 2008


节选. 只挑了几个自己喜欢的.

第一个, full skirt.  (Quote) Form-fitting pencil skirts aren’t out of vogue, but for a more relaxed look, full skirts are “a very wearable trend,” says Kaufman of the style, modeled by R&B singer Amerie in Luca Luca, Mischa Barton in tweed and actress Kerry Washington in Oscar de la Renta. “And it’s not just for evening – it’s for daytime too, and looks great with a high boot.” (End of Quote)

这几条full skirt都很好看, 最关键的是没有增加体积. 和他们的材料关系很大. 我这种大梨这一点关系很大. 哎, 至今后悔去年anthropologie那一条silk pleated full skirt. 穿上显得我特瘦. 当时觉得贵. 后来蛋猪说sale了叫我去买的时候已经没我的号儿啦. 今年可不能再犯这样的错误. 显瘦的full skirt可遇不可求. 而且加上我刚刚买的靴子会很漂亮的. 发现就一定买!

第二个, 钉包.

This fall, oversized, studded handbags – an updated version of the suede, fringed boho bag – are the carryall of choice for such stars as Sienna Miller and Sharon Stone. “It’s all about the hardware – locks, studding – and dark colors,” says Kaufman. The look is now “a little more heavy metal.”

钉包我一向很喜欢. 可惜喜欢的都太贵了. 今年不会买啦. 除非中彩票.

第三个, 靴子.  “Boots are the most important footwear trend of the season,” says Kaufman. And they’re comfortable too: Skinny stiletto heels have been replaced by the wedge (as seen on Nicole Richie), the slouchy style (on Eva Longoria) and the flat heel (on Lindsay Lohan). “The look is easy.”

Eva Longoria那双和我上次试的fry slouchy boot非常非常像. 那个要四百多块. 但是穿上真好看啊 今年其实很流行wedge. 但是wedge的高靴挺少见的. Nicole Richie这双就很好看啊.

第四个, 军装风格. It’s “really about the detail – like a brass button or a braided trim,” says Kaufman of the look (on Scarlett Johansson and Kelly Osbourne). “The shape of the jacket is shorter, more fitted, a little bit boxier.” And the sailor pants (on Cameron Diaz) are “a carryover of spring’s nautical theme.”

我爱死diaz这身了. 那条水手裤太帅了! 和上衣的花边啊什么的很平衡.

第五个, 花裙子. As seen on Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst, “It’s an all-over print, not a strong graphic print,” says Kaufman. “It looks newest when it’s on a chiffon dress.” And you can make your printed summer dresses fresh for the season: “Mix them with a boot or put on a long-sleeved sweater or layer it under a jacket,” says Kaufman.
花裙子加上cropped jacket, 或者今年流行的knitted cardi都是很好的主意, 可以上班穿! 可是我不会买花裙子的 买一条暗色的好了. 觉得club monaco有一条挺好看的. 什么时候去试试.
第六个, 大珠子项链. “The season’s not about minimal jewelry,” Kaufman says of the chunky beads. “It really is about throwing on these necklaces.” Wear the versatile accessories as a single strand or several at a time (on Molly Sims, Garcelle Beauvais and Jessica Biel). “They go with everything.”
Molly Sims那个裙子…就是要这个样子的!
第七个, 丝绒. All hail the return of the fall-fashion staple – velvet. “It reflects light; it’s a very rich texture,” says Kaufman of the fabric (on Jessica Alba, Mischa Barton and Jaime King). Be sure to look for plush velvet, not a heavy, matte version. One key piece to invest in: a black velvet jacket, which “would get you through the entire fall and winter.”
嘻嘻. 去年就买了一条丝绒的zara裙子. 今年也已经买了几件有丝绒元素的啦! 我很喜欢
第八个, 浪漫上衣. This fall, your basic white button-down has been replaced by romantic tops – from lacey (on Nicole Kidman) to a Victorian-inspired high neck (on Hilary Swank) to a crystal-buttoned variety (on Eva Longoria). The shirts “look great with jeans,” says Kaufman. “And they also look good under last year’s cropped jackets.”
爱死nicole这一身啦! 漂亮死了! 要减肥! 人家怎么就不变样呢!

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